Become a cabbie

Join us - It is Free and you make Money by making Finland a better place to live

The best way to experience as a taxi driver is become one of the Cabbies, we are offering not only ridesharing service but more services to get your pocket full without any commissions, join us now and spread the good news with your friends!

  • Our customers can easily book your delivery service from Cabbie platform
  • Our service is fair to everyone
  • The use of our IT service is completely free and we will not charge you for that
  • You will always get useful tips and advices
  • We are here to help your business and together we build a smart city with our technology

Every Cabbie should be trustworthy, knowledgeable and capable when serving our customers, in addition, Cabbie must be at least 18 years old.

You can easily become an Cabbie by following steps:

  1. Register from the link below
  2. Complete a driver profile by following the online process
  3. Before you can take the customer job requests, Cabbie will check your profile within 24 hours and approve if everything is okay, otherwise you will be contacted if some documents are missing
  4. Install Cabbie driver application to your android device
  5. Ready to go!

Regarding payment between you and customers, since Cabbie is not taking any commissions from our drivers, you would have to have your own payment devices, e.g. Izettle, Sumup in order to complete the service. “Remember”: you can print the receipt directly from Cabbie app right after each service session!